China's state-run media: do London riots amount to "revolution"?


Police keep watch in Beijing in February, 2011, after Internet postings called on disgruntled Chinese to gather in protest.



The British media is a gang of hypocrites, says China's state-run magazine Global Times.

Its op-ed sarcastically titled "Is there a revolution taking place in London" asserts that, if the London rioters were running amok in some non-Western country, they'd be taken seriously as "suppressed people yearning for their rights."

"... there could seemingly never be a "revolution" in London ... perhaps it is that British media are overly worried by what happens outside the UK," says the Global Times.

Are you listening BBC?

China wants you to stop inspiring rabble rousers with logos like this: a revolutionary fist making an I, which is dotted by a glorious silver sun.

The Guardian (another band of British provocateurs) has compiled a handy list of foreign outlets delighting in London's rioting woes.

The most wicked zinger belongs to the Russian tabloid Pravda, which printed the headline: "London riots: Divine justice?"

But it is the BBC itself that captured the best example: a presenter on Libyan state TV insisting that Gaddafi's team stands shoulder to shoulder with the disaffected rioters of London. I saw this last night on while watching the evening broadcast and pray someone will preserve it forever on YouTube.