We're heading to the Caribbean for the Geo Quiz: We're looking for the largest of the Islas de la Bahia. This island is 30 miles of the coast of Honduras. And it's a good place to go if you want to retire, on a budget. You can live very nicely there for a little over $ 2,000 a month. Until recently it was good place to go if you were a lionfish. A lot of them went down to the area three or four years ago and they've been gobbling up local fish stocks. So Honduran fishermen are training sharks to hunt the unwelcome guest. Suffice to say, the island may no longer be a good place to retire if you're a lionfish. The answer to our quiz and the place where sharks are acquiring a taste for lionfish is the island of Roatan. Photographer Antonio Busiello took a series of stunning pictures of the shark-training program near Roatan.

  • shark-lionfish620

  • Shark eating lionfish (Photo: Antonio Busiello)

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