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Floating Island Goes Missing


Sunset Island (Photo: Nick Caro)

This is not your usual Geo Quiz. We're not asking you to name a country, or a region, or a city, or a river.

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Rather, we're looking for a piece of art. It counts as a Geo Quiz, though, because it's an art-work of an island.

"It's kind of big helium filled sculpture," says British artist Sarah Cockings who co-created the art work.

"It's kind of reminiscent a less cartoonish version of Never, Neverland… or the islands in Avatar and it's covered. It's got a tree, a couple of bushes with tapered base with soil and roots and stuff and it's about 7 meters wide and about 6 meters high so it's pretty sizeable," says Cockings.

And its name -the answer to the quiz is Is Land.

When we said we were looking for it we meant it. You see, Ms. Cockings was going to take her Is Land to the Nevada desert for the Burning Man Festival later this month. But first, she took 'Is-Land' to the Secret Garden festival in England. And that's where some pranksters cut the rope that was holding it down.

Lisa Mullins talks with Sarah Cockings