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Bra chain world record attempt halted over tangled underwear


An attempt to set a world record for the longest chain of bras was canceled when the lingerie became tangled. Volunteers in the U.K. had attempted to beat the record of 166,000 linked bras, held by Australia.



A world record attempt to link thousands of bras in a chain had to be called off when the underwear became too tangled to continue, organizers said.

The brassieres had been neatly packed into boxes but somehow became tangled and could not be separated quickly enough to challenge the bra chain Guinness World Record, according to organizers of the charity event held in Worcester, in the U.K.

"We couldn't get the bras out quick enough,” one of the Bra Chain organizers told the BBC. "Like Christmas lights you put them away nicely but when you go to get them they don't come out."

Bra Chain volunteers, known as “hookers,” had been vying to beat a record held by Australians of 166,000 bras linked together, Reuters reports.

They had hoped to hook together more than 100 miles of bras around the Worcester Racecourse, or about 95 times around the track. However, they were forced to quit at halfway through the record attempt due to the boxes of lingerie in a twist.

The organizers said they will make another attempt within six to eight weeks, and are still accepting bra donations to help with the world record bid.

"We are going to try it again — we've learnt a few tricks of the trade, now all that remains is to set a date," an organizer told Reuters.

The event benefits U.K. women’s charities including Women’s Aid, which supports victims of domestic violence, as well as Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.