Divers searching for New Hampshire girl Celina Cass, 11, find body (VIDEO)

As the search for missing 11-year-old New Hampshire girl Celina Cass continued Monday, the authorities reported that a female body had been found in the Connecticut River near her home.

The body was found near a hydroelectric plant outside Stewartstown, New Hampshire, CNN reports, quoting Essex County State Attorney Vincent Illuzzi.

Divers found "what appears to be a body," New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney said in a statement issued jointly with the FBI, the Boston Globe reports.

Cass was last seen a week ago in her room at her home in West Stewartstown. Her father, Adam Laro, on Sunday pleaded for her safe return. 

According to CNN, Lero — who "said that he's recovering after being recently released from a hospital" — sent Cass a message Sunday saying that "Daddy is OK now, I'm getting much better."

He added that he, like others, is "wondering where my daughter is" and hoping she is safe.

"Whenever you want to come home, Celina, Daddy will be here waiting for you," Laro said.