Superhero Medvedev vs Spy Putin




As if Russia’s “election campaign” weren’t theatrical enough, now we’ve got posters representing both sides.

A couple weeks after posters depicting Vladimir Putin as a Bond-esque secret agent appeared in central Moscow, posters depicting Dmitry Medvedev as a buff superhero have now appeared.

A square-jawed Medvedev shoots an intense stare as he stands clothed in heavy body armor and clutches his most powerful weapon – an iPad. The title on the faux movie poster, spoofing the new Captain America blockbuster, reads “Captain Russia: First Ruler.” (Especially funny since Russian distributors of the film decided to remove the “Captain America” part.)

The posters, which have appeared at bus stops in the center of Moscow according to Life News, come around two weeks after posters of Putin, showing the premier strutting in a sharp suit while brandishing a gun, peppered the city. Authorities didn’t take too kindly to those, vowing to “find and punish” the “hooligans” behind the stunt. No word yet from the Kremlin.

You can find the poster on the website of Monolog, alongside a bunch of other poster stunts.