Spate of weekend shootings plague US

A spate of weekend shootings were reported from central Florida to Seattle, none of them connected or seeming to have similar motives.  

In the deadliest, a man told children to leave his son's birthday party at a roller rink outside Dallas before shooting his estranged wife and four of her relatives and then killing himself as others fled screaming in their skates, the AP reported.

This murder suicide echoes a similar case in Michigan on July 8 when a man went on a rampage killing his daughter, an ex-girlfriend and five others, including a second child, before shooting himself after a stand off with police, a local channel reported.

Also on Saturday, a pair of shootings into crowds after altercations escalated into spraying bullets.

In central Florida, Nine people were wounded in a shooting late Saturday at a house party after a fight between teens turned from bad to worse. Rescuers hospitalized six partygoers, and three more later checked themselves in. A teen was later apprehended inside an SUV.

In suburban Seattle, late Saturday afternoon, gunfire rang out during a car show at a parking lot after one man allegedly insulted another's car. Twelve people were wounded as a crowd took cover or fled. Eight were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. No suspects have yet been identified, police said.