Texan Dale Watson pens Tiger Airways tune of discontent

Just when Tiger Airways couldn't get any more bad publicity the struggling carrier has been ridiculed with a jingle penned by American alt-country singer Dale Watson who is unhappy with its service.

Watson was traveling in Australia back in April for a music festival when the budget airline charged him a $500 excess baggage fee for a box of CDs worth $3000, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Watson claims the airline then lost the CDs en route, leaving him nothing to sell at his concert, and hasn't reimburse him or returned the discs, it says.

Despite the airline promising to "make amends" the saga has not been resolved and Watson has written a song about his ordeal -  Tiger Airways and Their We Don't Care-ways. In the song, which he says he'll upload to YouTube, he takes a shot at a Tiger PR manager, Timothy Archer, and a PR consultant hired by the carrier, Simon Murphy.

Tiger's entire fleet was grounded at the start of July by Australia's safety regulator after revelations that two of its planes had flown at unsafe altitudes. It hopes to begin flying again in August, when its safety will be reviewed.

Meanwhile, Watson has given the airline something else to think about.

There goes Tiger Airways and their we don't care-ways
You got a complaint, well stand in line
You got a problem, well that's your problem...

They charged me 500 dollars in extra baggage fees
My hands were tied
I had to pay their price

The song goes on:

But now I'm back in Texas and like a Tiger Airways rep said
They ain't gonna help me if they could.

His name was Timothy Archer
He worked public relations along with Simon Murphy
They made the calls
When all was said was done, nothing was said and done
Which seems to be their motto after all.

Simon Murphy, the managing director of the Sydney-based PR firm The Narrative, which was hired to do public relations work for Tiger, said he felt sorry for the singer, the SMH reports.

"Obviously the airline has to work within the guidelines of its terms and conditions when it comes to lost luggage, but as things stand right now we are trying to get the matter resolved and I'm pretty hopeful we can do this amicably," Murphy told the SMH.

Based in Austin, Texas, Watson has won the British Country Music Awards Best International Artist on an Independent Label, and country music awards in the Netherlands and Spain. He has a loyal following in Europe, Australia and the U.S. and was on his eighth Australian tour.