"You don't make decisions in hindsight, you make them in the present," British Prime Minister David Cameron told an unruly special session of Parliament this morning. "You live and you learn, and believe you me, I have learnt." The day after News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch, arguably one of the most powerful men in Britain, defended himself and his company over charges of hacking and bribery at his newspapers, Britain's leader faced Parliament to defend his ties to the Murdoch organization.   Cameron has faced intense scrutiny over his decision to hire Andy Coulson as his director of communications, as well as his personal ties to the Murdoch family and current and former News Corporation executives. Coulson, who resigned from Cameron's government in January, was an editor at News of the World  during the time when the hacking and bribery occurred. He has since been arrested. New York Times  London bureau chief John Burns  has been monitoring the hearings, and reports on the latest updates.