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I Really Do Like Putin singing Blueberry Hill


It’s not that I’m obsessed with Vladimir Putin’s rendition of Blueberry Hill, it’s just that, seven months after he first sang it, I can’t get it out of my head.

I’m apparently not the only one.

Yesterday, a flashmob gathered in front of the White House for a stirring tribute to Putin’s cover of the song. It was organized by a group called “I Really Do Like Putin” on VKontakte (Russia’s version of Facebook), which claims to “have no relation to any political organization.” Wait, does the Nashi youth group count as a political organization? Not sure.

The sing-along saw about 50 people, wearing t-shirts with “Flashmob” and “Sing Like Putin” and “Let’s Sing Blueberry Hill Together” on them, smiling and singing through the song. They even had drums and a few brass instruments.

One of the organizers thought the police might shut them down. That tends to happen with demonstrations that fail to get approval in advance. Funny though, it wasn’t.

Non-Russian speakers, skip to 1min32sec:

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