TV producer found guilty of stalking

A television producer is likely to be jailed for stalking a former classmate in the UK after he searched for her on the internet 40,000 times.

According to a report in the Telegraph, Elliot Fogel, 36, was convicted of breaching a restraining order for the third time in an eight-year obsessive campaign against Claire Waxman.

The pair attended college together in the 1990s, where Ms Waxman rebuffed Fogel’s advances.

She didn’t hear from him for ten years, until – out of the blue – he tracked her down and asked her out for dinner. She declined but a few months later she saw him hanging around outside her home and workplace.

In the following years he obsessively called her home, posed as a prospective parent at her daughter’s pre-school and paid for an investigator to do background searches on Mrs. Waxman’s husband.

Mrs. Waxman, 36 obtained restraining orders against Fogel that were breached.

In court yesterday she gave evidence from behind a screen, saying she had suffered a miscarriage, developed an eating disorder and had to move home five times due to Fogel’s harassment.

Fogel was found guilty of breaching the restraining order and will be sentence next month.