The German city of Frankfurt figures in the Geo Quiz this time. It's one of nine German cities hosting matches in the Women's soccer World Cup. This weekend in Dresden, the US goes up against a strong Brazilian team led by Marta. Defending champion Germany plays Japan in the city of Wolfsburg. In Frankfurt, thousands of fans turn out at night to watch the games on big screens set up along the river that runs through the city. Which river is that? That's what we want to know. This tributary of the Rhine forms part of the inland waterway link from the North Sea to the Black Sea. The answer is the River Main that runs through Frankfurt. But the main stage for the quarterfinal game on Sunday is Dresden, when all eyes will be on the US v Brazil match. Marco Werman talks with ESPN's sports writer Joanne Gerstner.
  • US Soccer Logo

  • Skyline of Frankfurt with Main River (Photo: Nicolas Scheuer)

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