One killed, 10 injured in Dutch football stadium collapse


Part of a roof collapsed at the FC Twente football stadium in eastern Netherlands on Thursday July 7, trapping an unknown number of people.

A large section of the roof of the FC Twente football stadium collapsed during off-season construction work Thursday, killing one person and leaving 10 hospitalized.

The collapse occurred about midday, amid expansion work, with Dutch media reporting that two support beams had buckled, sending the roof plunging on top of a bank of seats behind one of the goals.

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A witness who saw the incident from an office next to the stadium told Dutch news agency ANP that the roof "collapsed with a huge noise like a house of cards."

Meanwhile medics told the Dutch paper De Telegraaf that a dozen people had been injured.

FC Twente are one of the top teams in the Netherlands, winning the League One title in 2010. They are due to play in the qualifying round of next season's European Champions League.