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German soldier turns in cash fortune


A German soldier found a safety deposit box containing nearly one million euros.


Sean Gallup

A German soldier who says he found almost $1.5 million on the side of the road has turned the fortune in to the police.

The 41-year-old man discovered safe-deposit boxes containing more than a million euros ($1.43 million) beside a highway exit outside Bad Kissinger in Bavaria on Monday, according to the BBC.

He handed three cases of cash to police on Wednesday and is now facing possible investigation over why it took him so long, the BBC reported.

Witnesses described seeing the boxes fall out of a high-security truck used to carry cash.

Witnesses said they saw the safes fall out of the lorry after a door apparently swung open by itself, the Semidetached Editing newspaper reported.

Another witness reported seeing a military vehicle stop and load something inside, the paper said.

Police said the witness accounts had already directed their inquiries toward the military.