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Mass protest in Pyongyang over South Korea's "crimes"

Over 100,000 North Koreans gathered at a huge rally in Pyongyang Monday to denounce the South Korean government as a "group of unparalleled traitors" and to protest the country's alleged crimes.

Citizens, soldiers and senior party members were among the crowds gathered in the communist state's capital, according to the AFP.

Rally participants bore signs praising the state's founder, Kim Il Sung.

The AP reports that General Jang Jong Nam was quoted by North Korea's official Korean Central News as saying:

[T]here remains between the North and the South only physical settlement of returning fire for fire.

Tensionsbetween the two countries escalated after Seoul blamed North Korea for sinking one of its naval vessels in April 2010, with the loss of all 46 crew members. North Korea denied torpedoing the ship. 

In May 2011, North Korea threatened to retaliate after it emerged that South Korean soldiers used images of the communist state's ruling dynasty as target practice. 

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