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Sudan's Next Flashpoint

We're surveying mountains in the Geo Quiz. The mountains we're looking for are in central Sudan in the state of South Kordofan. The highest peaks loom at about 3,000 ft but most of them are lush green hills overlooking arid plains. There are few roads that go into these mountains just well-worn foot paths used by the locals.

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But it's not a peaceful place right now. Violence is rising here, as South Sudan prepares to become an independent nation in a few weeks. The UN says that more than 60,000 people have been displaced by new fighting. Some observers say this mountainous region could become Sudan's latest flashpoint.

The answer is the Nuba Mountains in (South Kordofan) Central Sudan, home to the Nuba people.Anchor Marco Werman speaks with journalist and Sudan expert Julie Flint about the recent flareup of violence in the region as the July 6th date for South Sudan's independence approaches.