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How to Spend Millions if You're a Spanish Protester


Euros (Photo: aranjuez1404/Flickr)

One of the slogans of the Greek protestors has been "No pasaran." That's Spanish for, they won't pass … as in the austerity measures.
Spaniards have been protesting since May 15th in main squares around Spain. Their main gripe is unemployment — now at 45 percent among the young. Although one protestor got some good news this week.
We'll call the protestor Juan Doe, as his identity has not been revealed. Lottery officials aren't allowed to give it out. Yes, lottery officials.
"Juan Doe pulled the lucky number a couple of days ago, but we couldn't reach him out there on Madrid's crowded Puerto del Sol square," said a spokesman for Spain's Primitiva lottery. "Guy had his phone turned off as he protested."
When Doe finally turned his phone on, he learned he'd won a cool $2 million. As the news spread Wednesday in Madrid, protestors were no doubt scratching their heads. Who among us is it? What's he going to do with the money? And maybe most important, will he stick by us now that he's rich?
The Primitiva spokesman could only offer this generality:
"Winners," he said, "usually disappear."

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