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"World's shortest man" celebrates with a tall beer (VIDEO)

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Guinness World Records has named Junrey Balawing, 18, from the Philippines, the world's shortest man, who at 23.6 inches (60cm) tall measures in a full 3 inches shorter than Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal.

"I am so excited! I am small, but now I am a man, the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying, alongside a photo of a glass of beer almost as tall as he is. "I have tried beer for the first time. I like it but can only have a little. I want a beautiful wife. "I know she will probably be taller than me. I can't wait for my party."

Balawing was born a normal size, but stopped growing around two, said his father, blacksmith Reynaldo, BBC reports. The family says it is too poor to investigate what medical condition prevented him from growing taller, Guinness said.

Relatives say he has difficulty standing and walking. 

"He needs my care every minute of every day. Junrey can only walk with some help and he can't stand for too long because he's in too much pain," said his mother, Concepcion, CNN reports.

But the community called him "their lucky charm," CNN reports, saying that his birth coincided with his previously unemployed father finding a job.

When asked by Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday if he had a girlfriend, he reportedly chided, "You fool!"

"Don't even ask!" he said in a squeaky high-pitched voice, according to CNN.