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Busted: Bangladesh's Robin Hood

Police in Bangladesh finally busted a homegrown Robin Hood who had funded an orphanage and two mosques with the proceeds from a decades-long life of crime, the BBC reported.

Police in the city of Chittagong told the news channel that Badiul Haq Nasir, 45, gave thousands of dollars to the institutions, which were unaware that the money was from the proceeds of crime.

Police say that to his friends, neighbours and business acquaintances Nasir was an affluent businessman living in a large house on the outskirts of Chittagong, the BBC said.

But the channel quotes officials as saying he was actually a second-story man, robbing homes and offices - as well as a jewel thief who had major connections in the criminal underworld. Police say his well-planned heists - conducted without violence - earned him thousands of dollars.

Sounds more like a Bangladeshi Thomas Crown than Robin Hood.