The Philippines aims to claim the South China Sea


A boat sails before the Hong Kong skyline on May 22, 2011. The city borders the disputed South China Sea.


Ed Jones

There's growing support in the Philippines to send a psychological message in that nation's ongoing territorial dispute with China.

The Philippines Inquirer reported Wednesday that a spokesman for the Armed Forces, Commodore Miguel Jose Rodriguez said the military supports a proposal to rename the South China Sea to the Western Philippines Sea. 

“When people keep referring to the South China Sea, there is a subliminal message that this sea belongs to a country whose name appears in the name,” the paper quoted Rodriguez as saying. “Vietnam calls it East Sea and China calls it South China Sea. We in the Philippines should call it West Philippine Sea."

In its increasing reach for global clout, China has become repeatedly embroiled in test disputes over territory in the South China Sea with several different nations. Recently, students in Vietnam held protests after Chinese naval ships threatened Vietnamese fisherman at the disputed Spratly Islands.