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Yoga sex cult operating in India

A Europe-based yoga sex cult has set up operations in India and is teaching kids about tantrik love, claims the Times of India

According to the report, the group, Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute (MISA), operates out of a rented house in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, one of India's most conservative cities. But it is trying to spread to other locales.

Though the article did not give much evidence to support the claim that MISA is teaching kids about tantrik sex, it claimed that the group has 100 young pupils, and that several of the principals in the organization, including leaders Mihai Stoian and Adina Stoian, have appeared in pornographic films produced by Copenhagen-based Sublime Erotica.

TOI reporters diligently watched the flicks, purely for research purposes of course, and discovered that they indeed show the yoga teachers engaged in explicit sexual acts, according to the report.  (Note: sometimes Indians don't distinguish too much between hard and soft core pornography, both of which are illegal here).

In addition, the paper says that MISA's "supreme guru," Romanian Gregorian Bivolaru, has been jailed on "several charges, including pornography," and is now believed to have taken political asylum in Sweden.

According to TOI, Mihai, Bivolaru's second-in-command (or oneness with the universe of whatever), told the paper that the videos were an experiment in spreading the group's philosophy and practice.  "For many, sexuality stems from desire. We want to spread the message that it is a divine integration of masculinity and femininity to attain spirituality," the paper quotes Mihai as saying.

Apparently, disciples aren't too bugged about it. After all, sex scandals are to gurus as sex tapes are to celebrities here in the land of "spirituality."  Here's what a couple of dudes working on their downward dog had to say about the revelations:

"I don't know if they have done such videos, but what they do in their country doesn't bother me," says Rajesh Shah (45), a manager with an engineering firm in Chennai. "Two years of learning here has made me more energetic, creative and innovative in all spheres of life." Another student, Sanjai Jain (42), a jeweller, says he has heard of the videos, but not viewed them. "Every famous person faces such allegations," he says.