Colombia's musical guerrilla


A Bolivian activist wears a T-shirt with the picture of killed FARC leader Raul Reyes and a inscription that reads "(Latin) America's Soldier Lives in You," in Caracas on April 28, 2011.


Juan Barreto

He always carried a rifle on this shoulder, and next to that a guitar.

But now Guillermo Enrique Torres — known as "The Singer" — is in custody.

He was captured Tuesday by Venezuelan forces and is being handed over to Colombia.

Torres, 57, was part of the inner circle of the FARC, the country's largest guerrilla group, reports CNN

He joined the FARC at the age of 29. With a guitar in hand, he opened the 2000 peace talks between the FARC and Colombian government, reports La Semana.

He made more than 100 songs, which were popular with FARC troops and which gained notoriety through the "Voice of the Resistance" radio program.

Watch a video reportedly of Torres singing about the rebel movement: