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Video emerges of teacher beating students in Egypt


An abusive Egyptian school teacher hits young students with a wooden ruler as he grades their homework, taken from a video posted online on May 15, 2011 to YouTube by user "alovesho".

Egypt's government issued an arrest warrant for an elementary school teacher after a video emerged on YouTube showing the man beating students in a classroom, according to the state-run Al-Ahram's online news website.  

The graphic video, which was uploaded on May 15th, shows a man apparently reviewing assignments from young children in what appears to be a classroom.  Egypt's Al-Ahram reported that the man is a teacher from the northern Delta region.  

From Al-Ahram:

In the video, which was posted on YouTube, a school teacher in the Egyptian city of Kafr Shukr in the governorate of Gharbiya sits at a desk with young children lined up to turn in their homework. As they reach him and open their notebook, the teacher glances over it and within seconds grabbed the student and hit them with a ruler on different parts of their body and the girls he would pull their hair and hit them.

Most of the children in the video appear to be under the age of 10.  All seem frightened of the man reviewing their work.    

Two young girls scream and cry, begging the man to stop as he beats them.  One girl is yanked around by her hair, bound in a pony-tail, into position for several slaps with the stick.  In the background, at least one other man can be heard laughing at the situation.

GlobalPost could not immediately confirm the authenticity of the video.  

Egypt's school system, however, is notorious for teachers using physical violence in classrooms.

In 2008, a teacher was arrested in the coastal city of Alexandria after allegedly beating a student with a ruler and then punching him in the stomach.  The young boy's punishment, reportedly for not doing his homework, caused heart failure and eventually led to his death.