We're on the Indochinese peninsula for this Geo Quiz, looking for the name of a southeast Asian forest. It's to Cambodia what the Amazon is to Brazil. This vast forest is teeming with wildlife: elephants, tigers — you name it. It's also home to indigenous Kui people who've lived in the forest for centuries. Illegal logging and mineral mining are taking a toll on the ancient forest. If that sounds like something out of Avatar, then you won't be surprised to hear that some Kui tried to dress like characters in the movie on Wednesday. They traveled to the capital Phnom Penh to protest the destruction of their sacred forest. Can you name that forest? The answer is the Prey Lang forest in central Cambodia. Indigenous groups in Cambodia say the evergreen forest is being destroyed by legal and illegal development. So to press their case to the government, they've demonstrated in the capital Phnom Penh dressed as characters from the film Avatar. Anchor Lisa Mullins gets details from the BBC's Guy De Launey.

Soeum Seang from Kompong Thom (Photo: Guy De Launey)

Kui protester Ka Srok (Photo: Guy De Launey)

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