President Barack Obama arrives in Ireland today, as he begins is week long trip to Europe. His stops include the UK, France, and Poland. Jason Stallman, editor for the national desk at The New York Times, looks at what we can expect in the week ahead on this trip.   As the president journeys through Europe, a number of key economic indicators is set to be released, including GDP figures. Charlie Herman, economics and business editor for The Takeaway and WNYC, crunches the numbers for us and tells us if good things are ahead for our economy. Also on docket on the agenda is a look at planned protests all week in Iraq, after a series of explosions rocked Baghdad Sunday, killing almost two dozen people. Vermont is on the verge of transforming itself into a single-payer health care system, with Governor Peter Shumlin expected to sign the bill on Thursday. All that, and Oprah's last show on ABC after 25 years. How will her absence impact daytime television, ABC, and the book publishing industry?

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