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Baghdad bombings kill 20, including 2 US troops (VIDEO)

A string of bombings in Baghdad Sunday killed 20 people including two U.S. troops, the New York Times reports.

The 17 different attacks across the city demonstrated that Iraq authorities are still finding it difficult to bring calm to the city and stem the violence as the United States prepares to withdraw all troops by the end of the year, it states.

“Politically, the country is still very unsettled and there are many groups who still believe that violence serves their ends,” Ken Pollack at the Brookings Institution told the New York Times.

The bombings wounded at least 80 including three American troops.

The U.S. military said the American soldiers were killed during operations in central Baghdad but did not give more information on how or when they died.

In the biggest attack Sunday, a bomber blew up his car among a group of soldiers inspecting another bombing and killed 11 Iraqi troops in in Taji, about 12 miles from Baghdad, Reuters states.

"Two vehicles exploded in Taji. The first was a parked car bomb. They were trying to defuse it, when another driver blew himself up," a Baghdad security spokesman told Reuters.