Photos: Contemporary art in Latin America

Brazil. Fabricio Lopez. Estuario.

Painting, sculpure, photography. Food prices, migration and violence.

These are some of the faces of contemporary Latin American art captured in a new exhibit at the World Bank.

The "About Change" exhibition features 350 pieces of art from Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The artists of About Change challenge stereotypical images of their respective countries,” said curator Marina Galvani in a press release.

The exhibition will be on view through July 31, 2011. Here's a sampling of the works on display.

Argentina. Andrea Ostera.

Argentina. Julio Pantoja. Las Madres del Monte.

Brazil. Bettina Vaz Guimaraes Moraes.

Brazil. Kilian Glasner. Rua do Futuro.

Brazil. Deolinda Aguiar. Desvio.

Uruguay. Santiago Velazco.

Images courtesy of the World Bank.

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