Google dominates in Latin America


Google Inc.


Michael Gottschalk

Google may not be loved in Europe, but in Latin America, the seach engine giant has no such image problems.

Nine of out 10 searches conducted in Latin America are Google searches, says a new study by ComScore.

In the United States, by contast, Google's search enginge was used for 65.4 percent of all searches. Yahoo trailed at 15.9 percent, followed by Bing at 14.1 percent, according to April rankings from ComScore.

(Google searches include those on YouTube.)

There are only five countries were Google isn't the dominant search engine:

  • Russia (where Yandex is #1)
  • Japan (Yahoo)
  • China (Baidu)
  • Taiwan (Yahoo)
  • South Korea (Naver)

Facebook claimed a distant second in Latin America, with just 2.8 percent of all searches, followed by Microsoft sites.

Colombia accounted for the highest share of Google searches, and Argentina for the lowest, among the six markets studied.

The number of overall searches internet searches in Latin America increased 21 percent from the previous year.

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