Royal honeymoon begins, reportedly in Seychelles (VIDEO)


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walk hand in hand from Buckingham Palace in London on April 30, 2011, the day after their wedding.


John Stillwell

The royal honeymoon has begun for Prince William and his wife, the former Kate Middleton, palace officials confirmed Tuesday.

The couple has requested privacy and the palace will give no details, but the British press reports the couple went to Seychelles, an island chain in the Indian Ocean.

The young couple, now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, were seen leaving north Wales Monday with a police Range Rover piled high with luggage, the Guardian reports.

The couple has hoped for some anonymity while on their vacation. But while the palace refuses to confirm the destination choice, the Guardian reports that the Seychelles tourism board blew the lid on their new guests.

"The honeymoon destination has been kept a tight secret, but after the arrival of the couple early on Tuesday for a 10-day holiday, a Seychelles tourism official spilled the beans, confirming that their presence and the fact that they had been taken by helicopter from the Indian Ocean destination's main airport on Mahe to a private island, where they are expected to hole up in a private bungalow," it states.

William has two weeks leave from his job as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, the New York Post reports.

The couple's honeymoon choice was largely determined by an attempt to find privacy, it states. Photographers would have had an easier time getting images if they had gone to a Caribbean island.

Seychelles is archipelago of 115 islands about 1,000 miles east of the Kenyan coast.

William and Kate spent a week there in August 2007.

Here is a holiday guide to Seychelles from the Telegraph.