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Vineyard vandalism


Grüner Veltliner grapes (Photo: Rosenzweig)

You might want to sip, then swirl our Geo Quiz in your mouth a bit. We're looking for the country where Grüner Veltliner wine comes from. The grapes grow throughout this landlocked European country that borders Slovakia and Lichtenstein. Its temperate and alpine climate creates a distinctive dry and tangy flavor.

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"A peppery, a spicy element which is unique to the grape, and the other flavor characteristics could range from citrus to green apple to riper apple and pear flavors. That's basically what Grüner Veltliner is about."

Well, despite its fine taste someone tried to chop down the oldest surviving Grüner grapevine in the world. Where was this vine vandalism committed?

The answer is Austria. A 500-year old Grüner grapevine of this variety (the mother of all Grüner grapes) may survive despite the recent attack by someone who hacked it to pieces. Anchor Marco Werman gets details from Austrian wine expert Andreas Windhoff.