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Healing the world: Rwanda


A Rwandan gathering polluted water at the largest refugee camp at Kitali, eastern Congo. Thousands of Hutus died of a cholera epidemic after escaping Rwanda where they were responsible for the killing of almost one million Tutsis.


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WASHINGTON — Here’s a fact-based snapshot of Rwanda's health challenges and the ways that U.S. President Barack Obama's Global Health Initiative plans to address these issues.


Total GHI spending:
FY 2009: $166 million
FY 2010: $162 million

Total population: 11 million
GDP per capita: $1,100

Proportion of children who die before their fifth birthday: 1 in 9
Maternal mortality per 100,000 live births: 750

Major health concerns in the country:
1) Infant, child and maternal mortality are all extremely high
2) A high risk and burden of malaria throughout the whole population

GHI focus areas: This is still to be determined; the US government has not yet released its country strategy documents for Rwanda.

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Funding for this project is provided by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation as part of its U.S. Global Health Policy program.

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