David Goldman, the father of the boy at the center of a huge international custody battle has written a book about his successful effort to repatriate the son he says was kidnapped and taken to Brazil. Goldman’s book, titled, “The Fathers's Love - One Man's Unrelenting Battle to Bring His Abducted Son Home” is now on sale in hardcover the U.S.. The custody battle ensued in 2004 after Goldman’s Brazilian ex-wife took the boy for a vacation to Brazil and never returned. The mother won custody of the boy in Brazilian courts, remarried here, but later died after giving birth to the child of her new husband. All the while, David Goldman’s father had been fighting for custody of the boy through American courts—a battle he finally won in 2009 when the boy accompanied him back to the United States. Asked by local media about the book, the boy’s Brazilian grandmother, Silvana Bianchi, told reporters “I haven’t read it and I will not read it.”

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