Russia charges man over US spy ring betrayal


Anna Chapman, one of a ring of alleged Russian spies unmasked in the US last year. That operation is said to have alerted German police to the presence of foreign agents in Germany.



Russia has identified the man who allegedly betrayed a ring of U.S.-based agents, including flame-haired beauty/spy seductress/insert cliché here Anna Chapman, last year.

According to agencies, the Federal Security Service says A.N. Poteyev, a Russian citizen, is guilty of treason and desertion. Russian media say the man is Alexander Poteyev, a colonel in the Foreign Intelligence Service and deputy chief of “illegal” (read: covert) intelligence in the US. They say he fled to the US before the US launched a massive sting operation to arrest the 10 sleeper agents. The FSB has sent his case to court, and he will be tried in absentia.

So, you might ask, what has Anna Chapman, the spy ring’s star, been up to these days? Her political career is taking off. She’s even been talking a bit to the media. She’s been updating her website. Adding glam shots to her Facebook. Doing a bit of modeling. Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere.