Reacting to the news of the killing of Osama bin Laden "deep inside Pakistan" -- in what I hear is a closely guarded town with a school for Pakistani military cadets -- India's home minister said that the final proof that the terrorist leader had been hiding in Pakistan only confirms India's long-standing position that Pakistan actively harbors and supports terrorist groups, reports NDTV.

Home Minister P. Chidambaram -- the official responsible for law and order in India, as well as counterterrorism measures -- had the following to say in an official statement:

We take note with grave concern that part of the statement in which President Obama said that the fire fight in which Osama Bin Laden was killed took place in Abbotabad "deep inside Pakistan". This fact underlines our concern that terrorists belonging to different organisations find sanctuary in Pakistan. We believe that the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attack, including the controllers and handlers of the terrorists who actually carried out the attack, continue to be sheltered in Pakistan. We once again call upon the Government of Pakistan to arrest the persons whose names have been handed over to the Interior Minister of Pakistan as well as provide voice samples of certain persons who are suspected to be among the controllers and handlers of the terrorists.


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