Sharing a Wedding Day with Royalty

by Alex Gallafent

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Lauren Goodman and Nathan Tyler were married in New York today. But Goodman didn't watch Friday morning's royal nuptials in London.

She said she meant to but wanted to get a good night's sleep ahead of her own wedding. 'Vanity first!', Goodman joked, adding: "I'm still looking for my invitation."

Soon after, Candy Kugel and her husband-to-be Chuck Hunnewell headed in for their wedding ceremony. It was a marriage for love, among other things.

"My health insurance runs out at the end of April," said Kugel.

Finally there was Joel Brown and his new bride Monserrat Margalef. Friday they were going by another title, 'the Bronx Royals'.

"She's a Yankee fan, I'm a Mets fan – but we love each other," said Brown.

Unlike the others, Monserrat Margalef did wake up early to see the Royal Wedding.

"It was fun to watch. It was like a getting ready movie," she said.

For Brown and Margalef, the wedding in London was a warm-up for their own main event, one that didn't need all the horses and parades and flypasts.

"We wish the best for them but there's nothing like New York," said Brown.

"We have the entire city waiting for us and we're going to travel it today. And for the next 20, 30 years."