The Scottie dog has all the fun. Along with the battleship, the race car, and the top hat, it's always part of the in-crowd of Monopoly game pieces. Consistently among the first to be selected, the Scottie dog confidently strolls down Boardwalk and turns heads as it passes Go in style.

Now consider the plight of the wheelbarrow: steadfast, reliable, useful for yard work. And destined to remain in the box with the instructions.

Monopoly is a competitive enterprise. Even before the game starts, the contest for favorite game pieces can be fierce.

As part of Studio 360's Monopoly redesign, we want to know what your favorite game piece is. Does the thimble or the top hat bring you luck? Do you prefer to speed around the game board in the race car? Will anyone choose the wheelbarrow? Let us know!

And learn more about our Monopoly redesign: meet our team of experts and tell us what you want to see in our new (unofficial) version.

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