Despite promises of reform from both the Syrian and Yemeni governments, demonstrations –  and serious bloodshed –  rage in both countries. NATO continues to support the rebels in Libya while some U.S. Senators call for Gadhafi's ouster. Marcus Mabry, editor-at-large of the International Herald Tribune, looks at protests throughout the Middle East and NATO's role in Libya. Middle East turmoil has also led to rising oil and gas prices in the U.S. Oil companies are set to release their earnings this week and Charlie Herman, economics editor for The Takeaway and WNYC, looks at rising oil profits and potential price gouging investigations. The Federal Reserve is also meeting to discuss interest rates on Wednesday. but all the buzz is about Chairman Ben Bernanke's first-ever press conference after the meeting. Herman tells us what to expect.  Finally, Prince William will marry Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey this Friday. Mabry reports on what the surprising guest list tells us about the royal family.