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Sign of the times in Kenya

A report in one of the local newspapers here shows how commonplace and ingrained official corruption has become.

According to the Daily Nation – a key part of Kenya’s robust and independent media – one of the top civil servants in one of the government ministries is warning that fear of prosecution for corruption is making it difficult for everyone to do their jobs.

As the paper reports: “A large number of senior government officials are living in fear of prosecution by the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission over perceived corruption as they go about their duties.

“Roads Permanent Secretary Michael Kamau told the Public Accounts Committee Tuesday the fear could affect the delivery of crucial services as the accounting officers are hesitant to make decisions without broad consultations.

“He said this is also likely to scare younger professionals away from senior positions once the older generation of civil servants leave office.”

Well, if fear of prosecution for corruption means that a young generation of corrupt civil servants never materializes this is surely a good thing, not a source of disappointment as PS Kamau seems to think.