India's Supreme Court has told states to "ruthlessly stamp out" honor killings, most of which involve unsanctioned intercaste or interreligious romances, reports the BBC.

The court also warned that senior officials who failed to act against the offenders would be prosecuted.

The Supreme Court also criticised the village caste councils - known in north India as "khap panchayats" and as "katta panchayats" in the southern state of Tamil Nadu - as "kangaroo courts," according to the news channel.

This isn't the first time that the khaps have gotten a slap from the court, and it won't be the last. Last May, we reported that the khap panchayats of northern India were actually trying to change the laws of the land to help prevent marriages they deem unsavory. And a quick scan of the vernacular press shows that honor killings continue on a daily basis -- even if the English papers only decide to cry foul once a year or so.

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