Earliest human rights charter


National Iran Museum, Tehran.(Photo: Zereshk)

For today's Geo Quiz we are looking for a country which currently houses what is thought to be one of the earliest human rights charter. The charter itself is on an ancient Persian clay object called Cyrus Cylinder. The words written on it date back to 6 BC and pay tribute to the Persian King Cyrus the Great. These fragments were part of the British Museum's Persian collection, but have been loaned to another country's national museum for the past half year. So, can you name this country or its national museum?

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Geo Answer
The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Iran and its National Museum in Tehran. This is where the Cyrus Cylinder has been on loan from the British Museum for the past half year and huge crowds have been flocking to see the exhibit about ancient Persia. BBC's John Wilson has more from Tehran.