This is the tune the nation brought to war. It's been a century-and-a-half since a minstrel tune called "Dixie" debuted in New York.   The song went viral, and soon North and South alike were whistling "Dixie."   With the outbreak of the Civil War, "Dixie" became an anthem of the antebellum way of life.   And today we are still fighting over "Dixie."   Studio 360's Trey Kay asks why it continues to divide the nation.             Web Extra: Elvis Sings "Dixie"Elvis Presley sings "Dixie" as part of the song "American Trilogy." embed_audio( '', 'id1172323305525954991eb-2d23-4122-8f26-8be4a0191dad', 400, 'Web Extra: Elvis Sings "Dixie"', '' ); Web Extra: "Union Dixie""Dixie" was popular in the North and the South.   Bobby Horton performs this version, just for Yankees. embed_audio( '', 'id1172323555153a246f019-6c16-4e1c-aca8-ee80d49c0505', 400, 'Web Extra: "Union Dixie"', '' ); Web Extra: "Everybody's Dixie"Horton performs extra verses for those partial to the South in "Everybody's Dixie." embed_audio( '', 'id1172323536275b46959ad-1906-4d58-8f1a-9dac0b70705d', 400, 'Web Extra: "Everybody\'s Dixie"', '' );    Video: Bing Crosby sings "Dixie"Minstrel shows aren't ancient history.   A black-faced Bing Crosby performed this version of "Dixie" in a 1943 movie of the same name.

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