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Kingdom in the Himalayas


Thimphu Memorial Chorten (flickr image: Bhutan 360)

The country we want you to name for the Geo Quiz is a landlocked kingdom in the Himalayas. If you plan to travel there, keep in mind there's a national dress code. And be prepared to dodge arrows: archery is the national sport.

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The kingdom we're looking for is Bhutan. Anchor Marco Werman talks about all things Bhutanese with The World Mary Kay Magistad in Bhutan.

Congratulations to all of the winners who texted in the correct answer for this quiz. Especially Anna from Naperville, Illinois; Fadi from San Diego and Jordon from Lewisville, Texas. If you want a chance to be a Geo Quiz winner next week, just text the word "geoquiz" to 69866 (regular rates apply). Thanks to all for playing, we'll text another challenge to you next Wednesday.