BRICS in China

China will play host later this week to the leaders of Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa -- a BRIC + 1 summit -- on the southern resort Island of Hainan. That the meeting will take place on April 14 is about the only information that's been publicly put forward here. Thus far, there's no information on the actual agenda, but leaders are expected to discuss common issues.

The BRIC bloc was created in 2007 an a economic developing-nation power antidote to wealthy western industrialized nations. But it remains unclear what this BRIC, and its new addition of South Africa, will look toward presenting. Officials from several nations involved have discussed potential new economic pacts, and China, of course, has said that its political affairs are off the table.

Already, some criticism has emerged from Africa for taking part in the meeting, with one youth league leader saying South Africa should no be used as a gateway to the rest of Africa by countries like China.