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Towering Jesus


Swiebodzin Jesus (Photo: ProhibitOnions)

If you've ever been to Rio de Janeiro, then you've seen the towering statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer. It looks out over Rio from atop Corcovado mountain. It's so high up there that there are lightning rods installed on the statue but the statue itself is not the tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the world. Rio's landmark is rivaled by a similar one in Cochabamba, Bolivia. But for today's Geo Quiz, we're looking for a place in Poland that claims to best them both.

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The giant statue that's on our radar this time took 10 years to build. Like Rio's it depicts Jesus Christ with arms outstreched and it rises some 100 ft above the ground. The location is not as picturesque, it's in a town in western Poland, not far from the German border. People there claim theirs is the tallest Jesus in the world, though others may quibble.

So, where in Poland is this towering Jesus?

Well, it's in Å?wiebodzin. Helen Pidd has been to see it closeup. She writes for Britain's Guardian newspaper.