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Indian social activist's fast against corruption draws thousands of followers

Support for social activist Anna Hazare's campaign for a working anti-corruption law swelled on Thursday, with tens of thousands of people in scores of cities across the country responding to his indefinite fast, reports the Times of India

Though various politicians have tried to jump on the bandwagon, the crusade has managed to maintain an aura of non-partisan legitimacy thanks to the efforts of Hazare's fellow activists (who reportedly turned away firebrand rightwing pol Uma Bharti).

A former soldier in the Indian army, Hazare started an indefinite "fast unto death" earlier this week in an effort to speed the passage of an anti-corruption ombudsman bill -- but there's a catch.  He demands that civil society be involved in the law's formulation.

I guess it's always good if the fox doesn't design the fence around the henhouse -- or head the investigations into missing chickens.