Kathmandu (Photo: Soman)

For the Geo Quiz, we're looking for the tourism gateway to the Himalayas. The grandeur of the world's highest mountains attracts "trekkers" and travelers of all stripes. "Besides the trekkers you see in fari numbers around here there are also easy sort of dreadlocked and barefoot hippies walking down the street and everything in between there are some going on strolls thru the countryside and some who are actually climbing Mount Everest". International climbing expeditions often rendezvous here before heading off in the direction of an Everest base camp but we're not going on a steep climb. We just want the name of this crowded Himalayan city where you might overhear conversations in Nepali, English or Hindi. The answer is Nepal's capital Kathmandu. Anchor Marco Werman checks in with The World's Mary Kay Magistad who's in a part of the city where crowds of tourists and Himalayan trekkers are doing their part to boost Nepal's tourism industry.

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