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Mumbai police diet: Does my butt look big in this uniform?

Just as Dunkin Donuts is ready to launch its India operations, the Mumbai police are getting ready to hire nutritionists and send cops to fat camp in an effort to whip the force into shape. But before you can say "Does my butt look big in this uniform?" get a load of this:

According to a police source quoted by India's Open Magazine, the force expects rapid success with its male officers -- for whom it's planning to rope in wives and mothers to change eating habits. But the city's women cops are already making excuses. 

 “Police women have all excuses lined up. Whenever an attempt has been made, a huge majority of police women have cited their excess weight as that from childbirth,” the magazine quotes a police source involved with the project as saying. “They tell us that they find no time from their jobs and home schedule...”

That said, the magazine doesn't let the cops skate on chauvinism (equal ink for equal fat). Here's what a top male officer had to say:

According to a deputy commissioner of police—who is extremely overweight—not every policeman is chasing criminals. “Largely, it is a sedentary lifestyle. In the offices, we either sit or are on bandobast duty, where we stand at one place for long periods. A policeman’s life is not like what is shown in films,” he says. “I am fat due to sitting at my desk or in my vehicle the whole day.”