Michel Martelly, singer, president!


Michael Martelly (courtesy of Martelly campaign)

Today's Geo Quiz welcomes a new president. We're looking for a nation in the Caribbean where people just found out who their new president is going to be. Voters first went to the polls in November but a second round of voting had to be held to settle the matter.

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And now we finally know the result. So, can you name the Caribbean nation where a singer is set to become the new president?

The answer is Haiti. The country's electoral commission reported yesterday on the results of a second round of presidential voting there.
Though it's not final, it appears Michel Martelly scored a landslide victory, with over 67 percent of the vote. Now, here's what we know about Martelly: He's a singer popularly also known as "Sweet Micky" who's best associated with the music of carnival. He's also been known to satirize Haitian politicians from the stage. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Lolo Beaubrun of the Haitian roots band Boukman Eksperyans.