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Singaporean spends almost a quarter-million dollars on prostitutes


SUNGAI KOLOK, MALAYSIA: Thai sex workers wait for customers at a little bar in the border town of Sungai Kolok at the Thai-Malaysia border in 2004.


Jimin Lai

If you're bored of ogling over Charlie Sheen's prostitution expenditures -- $26,000 in one weekend, says Radar Online -- then get a load of this guy.

A 59-year-old Singaporean man has indulged in sex for pay 3,000 times in the past four decades, according to a Chinese-language Malaysian paper.

The estimated cost of all that philandering? $227,000.

This man, however, is hardly famous. He's just a "recycled products dealer," according to Malaysia's The Star newspaper. And his wife, though angry, has long known about his habits with "guest relations workers," as sex workers are sometimes called in the region.

"She checks on me everyday," he told the China Press.