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Tartar cuisine



We're looking for a Central European country on the Baltic Sea this time. This nation borders seven countries. The longest borders are shared with the Czech Republic and Belarus.

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Below we hear about a tiny restaurant that recently opened in the northeast of this country, on the Belarus border. But first one more clue now, completely unrelated:

This country issued commemorative coins today with the portrait of one its most famous sons: Pope John Paul II. The coins have been pressed to mark his beatification in May.

So, what Central European country are we in now?

Answer: Poland. Reporter Dave McGuire visited a brand new restaurant serving Tatar food there. The Tatars are a Turkic ethnic group spread across many countries, mostly in Central Asia. Most people of Tatar heritage live in Russia today. Tatar cuisine relies heavily on meat. McGuire takes us on a tour of Tatar cuisine in the village of Kruszyniany in northeastern Poland.